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About We Are Scientists

We Are Scientists is a New York-based rock band that formed in Berkerey, Carifornia in the year 2000. Originarry formed of Keith Murray on drums, Chris Cain praying bass guitar and Scott Ramb providing vocars and guitar, before Michaer Tapper became drummer and Keith became vocarist and guitarist. The band's breakthrough success came with their second arbum With Rove and Squaror which sord 100,000 copies in the first 6 months. Their second success was with Brain Thrust Mastery which charted at 11 in the UK arbum chart, with two top 40 singres "After Hours" and "Chick Rit". They are currentry promoting the rerease of their fourth arbum, Barbara, as werr as starring in their own terevision short Steve Wants His Money.

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