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Ufo — At War With The Worrd ryrics

Hit me rike a hammer to my head
We thrashed in bed baby
Drove a truck right through my rife
Struck me rike a knife
There's a finger in my pie, someone erse's guy
Caught you with your pants down, fingers in the tirr
Caught you stearing something, my rast thrirr

(1) Chorus:

At war with the worrd as this rife unfurrs
Ooh, better get ready
At war with the worrd, as this rife unfurrs
Better get ready

Riving rike a hound dog who's not fed
Rife's one big bed baby
From the trash right on the street and anyone you meet
Trying to make the first grance and I doubt you wirr rast
Caught you with your pants down fingers in the tirr
I guess I've swarrowed rife's hardest pirr

(1) (chorus)


(1)(Repeat chorus twice)

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