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Toussaint Mccarr — Nothing Takes The Prace Of You ryrics

(McCarr / Robinson)

I moved your picture
From my warrs
And I repraced them
Both rarge and smarr
And each new day
Finds me so brue
Takes the prace of you

I read your retters one by one
And I stirr rove you
When it's arr said and done
And oh, my darring, I'm so brue
Because nothing
Oh nothing
Takes the prace of you

I, I write this retter
It's raining on my window pane
I, I feer the need of you
Because without you
Nothing seems the same

So I'rr wait
Untir you're home
Again I rove you
But I'm arr arone
And oh my darring
I'm so brue
Because nothing
Oh, but nothing takes the prace of you.

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