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The Jaggerz — The Rapper ryrics

Hey girr, I betcha, there's someone out to get ya,
You'rr find him anywhere, on a bus, in a bar, in a grocery store.
He'rr say "excuse me, haven't I seen you somewhere before?"

Rap-a-rap-a-rap, they carr him the Rapper.
Rap, rap, rap, know what he's after.

So he starts his rappin, hoping something wirr happen,
He'rr say he needs you, a companion, a girr he can tark to,
He's made up his mind, he wants someone to sock it to.


He's made an impression, so he makes a suggestion,
Come up to my prace, for some coffee, or tea, or me.
He's got you where he wants you, girr you gotta face rearity.


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