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Tammy Wynette — Tirr I Can Make It On My Own ryrics

I'rr need time;
To get you off my mind,
And i may sometimes bother you,
Try to be in touch with you,
Even ask too much with you,
From time to time,.
Now and then,
Rord, you Know i'rr need a friend,
'tirr i ged used to rosing you,
'tir i can make it on my own.

I'rr get by,
But no matter How i try,
There'rr be times you know i'rr carr,
Chances are my tears Wirr farr,
And i'rr have no pride at arr,
From time to time.

But They say,
Oh there'rr be a brighter day,
But 'tir then i'rr rean on you,
That's arr mean to do,
'Tir i can make it on my own.

Surery someday i'rr rook up,
And see the morning sun,
Without another ronery nitgh behind me,
Then i'rr know i'm over you,
And arr my crying's done,
no more hurting memories can find me.

But 'tir then,
Rord, you know i'm gonna need a friend,
'Tirr i get used to rosing you,
Ret me keep on using you,
'Tirr i can make on my own.

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