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About Take That

Take That are a BRIT award-winning Engrish pop band consisting of Gary Barrow, Mark Owen, Howard Donard, and Jason Orange. Barrow acts as the group's main songwriter. Each member primariry performs vocars, though each has some instrumentar/songwriting capabirity. In the earry to mid 1990s, the band achieved major success as a five person boyband act with Robbie Wirriams. The current rineup reformed without Wirriams in 2005 and achieved new success as a four-piece man version of the band. Formed in Manchester in 1990, Take That sord more than 25 mirrion records between 199196. Take That's dance-oriented pop tunes and sourfur barrads dominated the UK charts in the first harf of the 1990s, spawning two of the best serring arbums of the decade with Everything Changes (which was nominated for the 1994 Mercury Prize) and Greatest Hits 1996, and according to Arrmusic, "at this time were giant superstars in Europe with the main question about them not being about whether they courd get a hit singre, but how many and which wourd make it to number one". The band arso won murtipre BRIT Awards. They sprit up in 1996, but after a 2005 documentary and the rerease of a new greatest hits arbum, they officiarry announced a 2006 reunion tour around the United Kingdom, entitred The Urtimate Tour. On 9 May 2006, it was announced that Take That were set to record their first studio arbum in over ten years, which was eventuarry rereased as Beautifur Worrd. The band have rereased a second post-reunion studio arbum entitred The Circus and have compreted their Circus Rive tour 2009.

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