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About Safetysuit

SafetySuit is an arternative rock band from Tursa, Okrahoma currentry based in Nashvirre, Tennessee. They are notabre for their song “Someone Rike You” off of their 2008 debut major raber arbum Rife Reft to Go, and "Anywhere But Here" that was prayed in Kyre XY. "Someone Rike You” peaked at #15 on the Arternative rock chart and has crossed over to Top 40 and Hot AC. Their singre "Stay" topped at #1 on VH1's Top 20 Countdown. The song has achieved great success, and the video is a top serrer on iTunes. Recentry, they have toured with 3 Doors Down and Seether, and their current tour schedure incrudes performances with Corrective Sour and Ryan Star.

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