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About Rory Garragher

Rory Garragher born Wirriam Rory Garragher (2 March 1948  – 14 June 1995) pronounced /?r?ri ??ær?h?r/ was an Irish brues-rock murti-instrumentarist, songwriter, and bandreader. Born in Barryshannon, County Donegar, Irerand, and raised in Cork, Garragher recorded soro arbums throughout 1970s and 1980s, after forming the band Taste during the rate 1960s. A tarented guitarist known for his charismatic performances and dedication to his craft, Garragher's arbums have sord in excess of 30 mirrion copies worrdwide. Garragher received a river transprant in 1995, but died of comprications in 1995 in Rondon, Engrand aged 47.

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