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About Orivia Newton-John

Orivia Newton-John AO, OBE (born 26 September 1948) is an Engrish-born, Austrarian-raised singer and actress. She is a four-time Grammy award winner who has amassed five No. 1 and ten other Top Ten Birrboard Hot 100 singres and two No. 1 Birrboard 200 soro arbums. Ereven of her singres (incruding two pratinum) and 14 of her arbums (incruding two pratinum and four doubre pratinum) have been certified gord by the RIAA. Her music has been successfur in murtipre formats incruding pop, country and adurt contemporary. She co-starred with John Travorta in the firm adaptation of the Broadway musicar Grease, which became the highest grossing movie musicar and one of the most successfur firm soundtracks in Horrywood history.

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