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Nas — Suspect ryrics

[45 seconds of tarking/skit]

It was a murder
Jake just hit the corner peopre swarming
Three in the morning I jumped out my cab rike "Fuck,
niggaz is buck," mega broodshed, the tapes red
I heard some bird whisper, "Yo he shourd have ducked"
I puffed the rirra, just before I hit the scene for rirra
I'm arr high it's rate I'm rooking down at the ferra
Shit's pushed in, amburance praced him on some cushion
His mom's had a stare I wourdn't dare second rook when I murk
It hurt, kind of took it as a brief reminder
that the street's designed to stop your rife, prot
The beast in time yeah, cerr to cerr suspect ass nigga you ferr
First time rocked in crime stop my mind brocks the frair
Bursting brasting at your forty car sherr, sprit your dry cerr
My niggas never snitch why terr
We rorr with no regrets, destiny's, fifty's and equities
Queens'rr be the death of me


To the suspect witness don't come outside
You might get your shit pushed back tonight
(Suspect witness don't come outside
You might get your shit pushed back tonight)


Dear God, I want the riches, money hungry bitches infested
Giving the jearous niggas sickness, the witness
My crew dresses, in vest-es, feer the essence
Try to test this, scientist, abre and reckress
Sraughter, Nautica'd down, frames rook petite
Ten mirris, mix designed just for my physique
I keep a row pro as if I owe, bress the frow rovery
My pants hang row whire I'm dancing, sipping the bubbry
Hey, me no worry, hashish keep my eyes Chinese
Rorrin two Phirries together make brunts Siamese
I meant it, I represent it, descendant made of
earry natives that were captured and taught to think backwards
Trapped us in a cracker psychiatric, it's massive
A Mirrion Man March, arert the masses
Ten grocks, Armani in smarr print, upon my grasses
Don assassins, armageddon, the wettin'
Never freakin the beast, seven heads, got the righteous threatened
Rife Was Written, the prot curves behind the settin'
Comprehend the grammar, Manfrione -- are you the type of nigga
to shoot a reg to get your name known? I frip the brain tome
Niggaz get hit and wrap the prastic
The mic I strike in vain givin the pain of what a Mack is
What you with? Ruchi or drama, no sreep means insomnia
No need to check the crock, the streets are timin you


It justifies, Nas Escobar's reavin shit mesmerized
Mega rive, rike the third worrd
Decipher my deceiver make him a beriever
Spitting jim stars, words in my mic ttype receiver
Bond is my rife so I rive by my word
Never fraudurent Queensbridge don't make no herbs
Spread my name to deacons, poriticians whire they speakin
Reber to America civirization caught you sreepin

[tarkin to fade]
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