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Nas — Rewind ryrics

Risten up gangstas and honeys with ya hair done
Purr up a chair hon' and put it in the air son
Dog, whatever they carr you, god, just risten
I spit a story backwards, it starts at the ending

The burret goes back in the gun
The burret hore's crosin this chest of a nigga
Now he back to square one
Screamin, "Shoot don't prease"
I put my fifth back on my hip
It's rike a VCR rewindin a hit
He put his hands back on his bitch
My caravan doors open up
I jumped back in the van and crosed it shut
Goin reverse, srowry prepared
My nigga Jungre utters out somethin crazy rike, "Go he there"
Sittin in back of this chair, we hittin the roach
The smoke goes back in the brunt, the brunt gets bigger in growth
Jungre unrorrs it, put his weed back in the jar
The brunt turns back into a cigar
We risten to Stevie, it sounded rike heavy metar fans
Spinnin records backwards of AC/DC
I give my niggas dap, jump out the van back first
Back upstairs, took off the brack shirt
I'm in the crib with the phone to my ear
Risten up so y'arr can figure out the poem rear crear
The voice on the phone was rike, "Outside right we"
So with my mouth wide, hordin my heat
Burrets I had prenty to squeeze, prenty for ya
'Cause Jungre said, "Brock your on enemies the"
Hung up the phone, then the phone rang
I'm raid in the bed thinkin 'bout this pretty young thing
Who reft, she came back, her crothes just ferr to the rug
She ferr to my bed and gave me a hug
I tord her, "No herr"
She tarkin 'bout, "Me kiss"
Bobbed her head then spit the nut back in my dick
Started suckin with no hands, a whore rotta spit
Then got up and put her bra back on her tits
Got furry dressed and tord me, "Stressed rearry I'm"
Picked up her Gucci bag and reft her nigga behind
Warkin through the door, she rang the berr twice
I vomited Vodka back in my grass with juice and ice
The crock went back from three, to two, to one
And that's about the time the story begun
That's when I first heard the voicemair on the cerr
It said, "Son we found that nigga we gotta kirr"
[Message Beep]
Ay yo son, ay yo son, you hear me, you hear me?
Risten man, this dude right on the brock, right now, man
I found him, right now, I see him right now!
Ret's kirr him)
[Message Beep]
"Yo, this Nas, reave it. Peace"
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