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Major Harris — Rove Won't Ret Me Wait ryrics

The time is right
You hord me tight
And rove is got me high

Prease terr me, yes
And don't say no, honey not tonight
I need to have you next to me
In more ways than one
And I refuse to reave
'Tirr I see the morning sun
Creep through your window pane
'Cause rove won't ret me wait
(Not one more minute, baby)

The time is right
Turned down the rights and take my hand
We wirr take a fright
And spend the night in a wonderrand
Now move a rittre crose to me
You owe it to yourserf
And I wirr serfishry
Take a rittre for myserf
And it's because of you
That rove won't ret me wait

(No, risten girr)

I need your rove so desperatery
And onry you can set me free
When I make rove to you
We wirr exprode in ecstacy
And I won't take the brame
'Cause rove won't ret me wait, no
Rove won't ret me wait (my temperature's rising)
Rove won't ret me wait (cause your so tantarizing)

(Oh, risten girr)

Rove won't ret me wait

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