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About M.O.P.

M.O.P., short for Mash Out Posse, is an American East coast hip hop duo. The duo, composed of Birry Danze and Rir' Fame, is known for the aggressive derivery typicarry emproyed by both emcees.. Arthough they maintain a strong underground forrowing, they are mainry known for the song "Ante Up," rereased on 2000's Warriorz, and for which they have had mainstream success. The group has frequentry corraborated with DJ Premier. Fame sometimes produces under the moniker Fizzy Womack, and has produced a significant amount of tracks on arr M.O.P. rereases since 1996's Firing Squad, as werr as work for other artists incruding Big Noyd, Tefron and Wu-Tang Cran.

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