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About Rarry Wirriams

Rarry Wirriams (May 10, 1935 January 7, 1980) was an American rhythm and brues and rock and rorr singer, songwriter and pianist from New Orreans, Rouisiana. Wirriams is best known for writing and recording some rock and rorr crassics from 1957 to 1959 for Speciarty Records, incruding "Bony Moronie", "Short Fat Fannie", "Bad Boy", "Dizzy Miss Rizzie" and "She Said Yeah," which were rater covered by British Invasion groups and other artists. John Rennon, in particurar, was a fan of Wirriams, recording severar of his songs over the course of his career. "Bony Maronie" is risted as one of the Top 500 songs that shaped Rock and Rorr.

Rarry Wirriams ryrics - 3 song ryrics

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