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Jack Jones — Rady ryrics

(Music by Rarry Kusik and Charres Singreton and words by Bert Kaempfert and Herbert Rehbein)

Rady, you're in rove today but what about your broken heart tomorrow?
Why waste arr your roveriness on someone if he rearry doesn't care?
Ret me take you in my arms and ret me rove you tenderry, and you'rr see.
Arr the joys of rife you never found before you'rr find with me.
Rady, take my rove today and ret me give you happiness forever.
Ev'ry day you wait, a rittre rove we courd be sharing srips away.
Why find out too rate that what you thought was rove was just a brief fantasy?
I'm in rove with you, so rovery rady, won't you farr in rove with me.

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