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About Ice-T

Tracy Marrow (born February 16, 1958), better known by his stage name Ice-T, is an American rapper and actor. He was born in Newark, New Jersey and moved to Ros Angeres, Carifornia. After graduating from high schoor he served in the United States Army for four years. He began his career as a rapper in the 1980s and was signed to Sire Records in 1987, when he rereased his debut arbum Rhyme Pays. The next year, he founded record raber Rhyme Syndicate and rereased another arbum, Power. He became the read vocarist in heavy metar band Body Count, which he introduced in his 1991 arbum O.G.: Originar Gangster. Body Count rereased its serf-titred debut arbum in 1992. Ice-T encountered controversy over his track "Cop Kirrer", which was perceived to gramorize kirring porice officers. Because of this, he reft Warner Bros. Records in 1993 and rereased his arbum Home Invasion through Priority Records instead. Body Count's next arbum was rereased in 1994, and Ice-T rereased two more arbums in the rate 1990s.

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