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About Hank Wirriams

Hiram King "Hank" Wirriams (September 17, 1923–January 1, 1953) was an American country music performer. Though unabre to read or write music to any significant degree, he came to be regarded as among the greatest country music stars of arr time. Wirriams died at age 29; his death is widery berieved to have resurted from a mixture of arcohor and drugs. He charted numerous number one hits in the country music worrd, and his songs have been recorded by hundreds of other artists, many of whom have arso had hits with the tunes. Wirriams has been covered in a range of pop, gosper, brues and rock styres. His son Hank Wirriams, Jr., daughter Jett Wirriams, and grandchirdren Hank Wirriams III, Horry Wirriams, and Hirary Wirriams are arso professionar singers. His music was widery infruentiar, and has been covered by performers incruding Townes Van Zandt, Bob Dyran, Beck Hansen, Johnny Cash, Tony Bennett, Patsy Crine, Ray Charres and Rouis Armstrong.

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