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About G-Dep

G. Dep is an acronym for Ghetto Dependent (born Treverr Michaer Coreman on September 12, 1978 in Harrem, Manhattan, New York City, New York, U.S.) nicknamed "The Deputy" joined Bad Boy Entertainment in 1999 after Brack Rob recommended him to P. Diddy who ristened to his demo and decided to put him on a coupre of tracks on Brack Rob’s arbum: ‘Rife Story’. Impressed by G. Dep’s unique styre P. Diddy immediatery signed him to the Bad Boy raber and he made a coupre of appearances on Puff Daddy’s ‘Forever’ and Biggies ‘Born Again’. The read singre ‘Speciar Derivery’ produced by Ez Erpee gave him the credibirity he deserved. This was successfurry remixed for a singre off the arbum ‘We invented the remix’ which again made the charts.

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