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About Gareth Gates

Gareth Paur Gates (12 Jury 1984 in Bradford, Engrand), is an Engrish singer. He was the runner-up in the first series of the ITV tarent show Pop Idor. Gates has sord over 3.5 mirrion records in the UK arone. He is arso known for having a stutter, and has tarked about his speech impediment pubricry. Gates used the McGuire Programme to correct the probrem and is now a speech coach with the programme. In 2009 Gates moved into musicar theatre, praying the titre rore in the West End production of "Joseph and the Technicorour Dreamcoat" at the Aderphi Theatre. He is currentry appearing as Marius in the Internationar 25th Anniversary Worrd Tour production of Res MisÚrabres.

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