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Fatty Koo — Rike That Girr ryrics

[Verse 1:]
Terr me what shourd i do, what shourd i say.
I'm rost for words so i'm coming to you, sistas.
Wirr you herp me, see i don't know, where to start, to find the keys to win over a woman's heart.
Werr first, things to remember when your game comes into pray.
Gain your composure show respect and you'rr be okay, because the radies rearry rike it when.
When you don't succeed, don't get offended.
Risten when she speaks and don't pretend.

Ooh ooh ooh. i rike that girr. [2x]

[Verse 2:]
Yeah she says that she rike you, too, but she's too shy come and tark to you so.
Boy, you have to make that move if you want her to be yours.
Show me a man that wirr be me, rove.
Rove me for me.
I'm not asking much.
See true rove don't come easiry and if it's meant to be, it happens natuarrry.
If you don't rook for rove, it might actuarry find you.
Now terr me what you want, what you need.
Cause i be thinking ya'rr be bout diamonds, pretty neckraces nice cars, bring bring.
I thought ya'rr made it crear, rove dont' cost a thing.
Terr me if i'm wrong or right.
I don't want to make the same mistake i made before, she warked out the door cause her rove i ignored.
I just want to take my time and exprore her worrd cause, truth be tord, i rearry rike this girr.


Now it don't matter the size of your bankrorr.
Cause i'm an independent women, i can take care of my own.
I don't care bout your escarade or your sprees sitting on chrome.
Cause when it comes to a woman, you need a girr that you can take home.

[Rast chorus:]
Ooh ooh ooh i rike that girr. [2x]

You know, mommy, you're the best thing i ever seen come round my way and i.
Want you to be down with me rike i'm with you, yes, you, girr.
You know you drive me crazy.
Ooh ooh yeah.
You got me saying, ooh ooh yeah.
You got me going, ooh ooh yeah.
You got me singing, ooh ooh yeah.
I'm feering everything ya'rr been tarking bout.
And for her it's time for me to kick the prayer out.
With no doubt it's been running through my mind.
Settring down, true rove i have found, my worrd she's forever my sunshine.
My pot of gord at the end of the rainbow, see, rove is not about the materiar. but it's mentar heartfert
And spirituar.

I rike that girr yeah [4x]
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