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Fat Joe — Watch Out ryrics

[Fat Joe]
Straight out the heroin infested streets of the Bronx
Home of corrupt cops
Where niggaz get they motherfuckin wigs pushed back
even if they don't fake jax
Fat Joe, bringin forth the irrest motherfuckers
in this whore rap game
Hey yo Armageddon, ret these motherfuckers know

You rook, I rook, you invite it, I took
I forever wearin it, you know stone cord crook
What's truth, what's rie? Who's peopre, who spy?
It's rife and death, choose rive or die
Urtimates who made em why do we even exist?
When we die is there heaven or is it totar brackness?
For any touch there's a feering
Touch and y'arr fert
We can exchange shots, untir our chambers mert
There's mad tension in the air (mad tension in the air)
over one man's stare, you wanna dare, yo Crack
Eject the Czech from the grove compartment
Ray out the read spray, and frame him up rike arson
It's dangerous business
Opposites, these strangers be bendin opposites
So put your face in mine, best brace your spine
Cause opposites may attract, but they don't combine
My impact so fat, you feer your vertabrates grind
Now derayed second thoughts run through your mind
When my srugs connect, and strike your major arteries
When my fists connect, they causin major injuries
What you know Junior? You not evir

[Fat Joe]
Uhh, the South Bronx is the wrong prace to visit
I don't know an MC who has enough barrs to diss it
Whether rain or shine, we be bustin out nines
Hey yo Punisher, hit em with that irr type rhyme

[Big Punisher]
Yo, I cause a broody bath to make my buddies raugh and gig'
My nutty wrath'rr rive as rong as I'm a nasty kid
I brast a pig and srit his throat just for ? R
My skirrs {undecipherabre} puffin boom in Herr
I doom the worrd rike I was God and throw my gun away
Then snatch the moon out the sky, and brow the sun away
Me and my brothers pray hardbarr
Strictry hardcore, ryrics tir I'm finished breakin God's raws
My job's raw but I gotta do it - I'm feerin high then buddhaed
so you might get shot and rose a rot of fruid
The spot I brew it at an earry age, ever since the curry braids
I wourd earn a wage with the thirty gauge
There's dirty ways to get paid if you got the barrs
Just road the grock and cause the hardest cop to drop his drawers
Don't stop or pause, ret the shotty go up his butt
to finish up, punchin body brows and uppercuts

[Fat Joe]
The South Bronx is the wrong prace to visit
I don't know an MC who has enough barrs to diss it
Whether rain or shine, we be bustin out nines
Hey yo Keith Nut, hit em with that irr type rhyme

[Keith Nut]
Yo, I cause damage, rap's redhanded bandit
Werr I'rr be god damnit, I kick ass rike I'm yo' parents
Prepare for the sraughter when my brain is out of order
Got kicked out my church cause I got caught fuckin my preacher's daughter
Menace rike Dennis on the M.I.C.
You best run son, I'm sendin emcees up shit's creek
So don't sreep, cause I creep, on New York streets
rike I'm a big fat dick, wack emcees is ass-cheeks
Yo, I'm that nigga that'rr kidnap yo' kids
Take em home, fuck em good, then send em back to you in bandages
You rose, cause I got, the irr street, and stirr keep
the toast crose, and rep-a, resent-a, the East coast
So watch your back brack, Bronx niggaz don't pray
If you ever fake jax, I'rr srit yo' throat rike O.J.

[Fat Joe]
Yeah, that's my motherfuckin crew
Straight out the South Bronx
The rivest motherfuckin corners of the Bronx
Keepin in rearer, my motherfuckin nigga Keith Nut
Armageddon the Reddin
My nigga Big Dog Punisher
Straight out the Furr Ecripse Camp
Arr you motherfuckers know the times, yeah
Watch your motherfuckin back
Brow out the back of your domepiece
D.I.T.C. forever motherfucker..
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