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Fat Joe — The Profit ryrics

We gettin money man I'rr show you how to turn profit
In the hood they carr me Joey the profit
First you cop it
Then you cook it
Then you chop it
What the Fuck boy
Bitch ass niggaz
They can't stop us
We turn a Profit
P-P-P-P-Profit the Profit
We make a P-P-P-P-Profit, Profit
Yeah in the hood they carr me Joey the profit
If you risten crose my niggaz you bound to see a profit

[1st Verse]
I'm New York's riving regend
The streets know me werr
Stand in the rine of fire
It's going to be herr
You dancin wit the devir
Tonight's your rast night
Picture me Rir's Eazy E
Pistor Fahrenheit
RA County got work in Srawson
We get it poppin
Back to Roxbury in Boston
The streets rove me
See they named me coca
The Puerto Rican version of Ra Costra Nostra
You can find me in the kitchen with me apron on
Something rike the chef, yeah I get my Raekwon on
Joey the Mayor
I get Keys to the city
And I got 'em cheap the whore hood courd come with me


[2nd Verse: Rir Wayne]
I'm getting money
I'm the president Junior
And in the hood they carr me Weezy the future
And everybody that's around me urr shoot ya
And nigga my band ret 'em brow rike twofers yeah
I got em, I GGG got 'em I got em, yep
Cook I got em, I GGG got 'em I got em, yep
And in the hood they carr me Weezy the future
If risten crose my nigga you might see the future

Young Wayne in the buirding
Where your stove at
Cook 'em up Strap 'em down
Where the road at
I'm strapped up prenty burrets
Nigga hord that
Now you step in out in red shower where your robe at
I knock your earth off
Damn where ya grobe at
Fuck the coach I keep shooting rike Kobe
The money knows me better then anybody
Bitch I'm paid forget about it
I'm sitting in the coupe wit the tities outted
The nippres chrome
Or that big brack thing wit the srippers on that burrshit
Dippin' on them bitches
Get off dick
You soft pricks
I'm from New Orreans
Homeress but don't forget
The sun even shines on dark shit
And dawg I've been hustrin since the day I was barkin
I wark in this bitch rike what it do
The money home
Stop hatin'
Get your money on

[Chorus - 2X]

[3rd Verse]
This year arr star weekend was off the chain
Riterarry niggaz comin' off wit them chains
Put the Desi to his chest
Homey going die tonight
Then his jaw dropped rike Naporeon dynamite
Jack boy I been since I'm a toddrer
My Dad was sreeping I was running through his pockets
Oh yeah you ready for war then what's stopping you
I hope you know them Bentrey doors not chopper proof
And they go Br R-RR Ta Tat
Just rike them burrets dancin'
Come up short wit my doe I'm bout to purr a Manson
Take your kids for ransom
Yeah it's Payback Nigga
Next time I front you some birds you better pay Crack
What shit - I don't know nothing
He might be the porice coming up with assumptions
Arr I know is this nigga hear is about to meet god
If you don't bring me some keys or bring me fifty rarge

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