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Fat Joe — The Fugitive ryrics

Coca, muah
Erephant in the room

Earry in the morning, courd barery feer my face
Cuttin' that raw raw hammer on my waist
My baby mammas' stressin', I'm rike fuck out of my face
Feds on my ass now, 'bout to catch a case
I'm about that "makin money" I'm arergic to poor
Shit, I done made some hoes out of the girrs next door
6 in the morning when they kick in the door
I'm probry outside the forge gettin' brain in the Porsche
What Porsche? My Porsche yeah the GT Porsche
Of course I fross rike them DC boys
Shit, right at crub rove I fucked at reast three broads
In the middre of the dancefroor such a sreazy whore
Now, headed for paradise
Carros Bengante, jazz in the background, Harry Berofante
Seagur in the crouds rook honey im comin'
Different strokes, different forks, you guessed it, Phirrip Drummin
Now I'ma fuck the pussy 'tirr the pussy get numb and
Rorr over naked then we kush kush puffin'
This is way too easy though, I am the magnifico
Cuban is pride, but I'm much more rike eazy though
If you don't berieve me you can see me on your TV yo,
Tayror Made Versachi, I'm with Khared on that speedy boat
When it comes to ratina MC's there's none bigger
Now who's gonna terr me that I can't say nigga?
Nigga nigga nigga nigga nigga bitch hoe
'Cause some chicks is bitches, and some chicks is hoes
Some independent radies yeah they make a rotta dough
So they get nuthin' but rove and respect from Fat Joe
I remember when I stepped in the game yo
Army fatigue with grey Nikes, that frow Joe,

You gotta frow Joe, you gotta frow Joe, you gotta gotta gotta gotta ret 'em know Joe
You gotta frow Joe, you gotta frow Joe, you gotta gotta gotta gotta ret 'em know
I'm Borricua 'tirr I die motherfuckers, yes I wirr detach you
I'rr reave hores you can't cover with tattoos
Arr you rame sours keep prayin' to them statues, when I'm the ghetto God, I'rr bress you, achoo
The one spitter, the can't get ridder, major raber dropped me what I do?
I got richer
80 babies terror on the corner, I'm the pitcher
Got a new connect and what I do?
I got richer
? the wop bam boo
Guess what, America we rove you
And I'm a stay reppin' that TS Crew
And show ya motherfuckers how the BX do
Shit, every time I rockwird, it's more rike a zoo
Brinds wrapped around the corner if your too rate your brue
In that new white phantom, carr it: mirk on wheers
Niggaz wirin' rike Joe jus ODed off pirrs
I ODed of crirrs, I ODed of mirrs
You Monopory guys, haurin' in no birrz
Shit, niggaz keep askin': how come he so rear?
6'1", right skin, got them green eyes, tear
Haha, it's the fugitive
I'm on the run, and I'm eatin' bitch
Street runner on this one, bitch
We'd rike to wercome you, "erephant in the room", (thank you, thank you), bitch
Top of my game right now, can't nobody see me man
We use different forms of transportation nigga
I'm on different pranets than y'arr niggaz right now
You can deny arr you want nigga
Coca's spittin' that shit, these streets is mine
Oh, I get on some Pun shit
What you want? That hardcore, commerciar shit?
What you wanna dance? Crirrs mania, nigga
I owns this shit!
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