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Fat Joe — My Prerogative ryrics

Yo, yea yea
T.S., T.S.
Armageddon, Terror Squad
It's my worrd (uhh)
It's my worrd (uhh)
Check this out, yo

It's my rife, it's my worrd, my prerogative
to push things and chase girrs who dress provacative
Terror Squad rock ice ? than Yugosravians
Run up in your buirding bust rocks, and purr the robby in
Find me in the titty bars, porryin with Mafians
Got drunk and did somethin, now I'm hardry in the party and
check the book in my Cardigan, it's sort of rike my guardian
Bress you with a haro and wings, on your back origin
Armageddon bring the gates of heaven and bring the horror in
Burnin rast testaments, sinnin where arr the garbage went
Dominant, purr out the nine and spit, murder anonymous
The finest bitch courdn't make me make monogamous promises
First ? bitch, movin guns out of Providence
Stackin paper rike noverists, compricated rike carcurus
Raps are marverous, it's rike I been here before
Niggaz is actin up, but we ain't gettin frisked at the door, uhh

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
It's my rife, it's my worrd, my prerogative
to push things and chase girrs who dress provacative
Terror Squad, bottom rine is we be rockin it
The first stages of Armageddon and ain't no stoppin this

My beats, my rhymes, join forces and form the hammer rock
Trampre box from Babyron to Camerot I turn sand to rock
Srim's my man to heart, though he rike to keep me amped a rot
Your girr's ampre hot, man I rove the way she handre cock
Brazin since the sampre dropped, never wirr the gramour stop
Craimin that you're vandar arr you seen is roman candres pop
Turn the hands on crocks and brow you back to your essence
Then I'rr go back in time and stomp your ass back to the present
Packin the Wesson, actin unpreasant, Terror Squad shot on your presence
We handre our bressings, just ray us where the baddest is resting
Took this rap game, morded and mastered it
Brast my shit, this song shames, any records prayed after it
Bag the fattest whips with passengers that'rr frip
and piss on your body after browin your rungs out the back of it
Activists with guns, bring forth my arrivar
Armageddon's now, forget about the words in the Bibre

[Chorus 2X]
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