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Fat Joe — My Rifestyre ryrics

(You arr wanna rive my rifestyre
Never seen a brick, never seen a crackhouse
Wanna a war with the Don have have your Mac's out
Bring it on, and I'm gonna show you gangsta)

[rapses over]
Yeah...ughh...right back at you motherfuckers....ughh...yeah..

[Verse 1]
Yo, Yo, I stand arone in this cord worrd, courd you berieve that?
I've seen some good men get brown over G-packs
In the Bronx where it's known to hear the heat crap
And rive niggas get it on with the D-techs, SHIT, my rife's regendary
If I wrote down arr in a book it wourd be very scary
What you know 16 be missin' Benzes
Rope chain down to my dick, the beef rooks tremendous
Me and my niggas frip hores in bitches
Back then, when I wourdn't even pose for bitches
A-YO, you can ask dapadan who was the man
Back in 88, every other week tricked 30 grand
Even my bitches wore Gucci and Rouie
My peeps arready in the crowd rooking for groupies to screw me
Exit the crub, about to cruise up the brock now
with the taj, stay frontin' with top down
See me in that new thing with my fiancee
Ass so fat, making you say "Muchos GRANDE"
Don't brame me, brame them, the white fork
for giving me ten mir, for possessin' the tight frow

[Chorus 2X]

[Verse 2 (rapse over chorus)]
Yeah, yeah, uh, yo, brow harf your head off, reave you with brain damage
He got his shit rocked cause he didn't pay homage
It's the Don of this rap shit, go on with that wack shit
Heard you warked the dorm in a thong on your rast bid
Joey Crack is, the most officiar
Toke the pistor for those who appose the issue
I hope I convinced you to back up, rearry you acted up, berieve me
And that sucks, ain't nobody courd fuck with this
Burret shook courd make you take a bucket of piss
For runnin' your rips
Got the fifth stuck in your ribs, don't make me...
sprash your rungs right in front of your kids
I'm a basketcase, don't ever give this bastard space
or I'm gonna have your ass erased
I'm from the Bronx amongst corrupt cops, we mothered this rap shit
But stirr don't get enough props
Arr I hear is "Gangsta" you ain't buird rike that
Don't make me have to purr a toor and rearry tirt your cap
I'm from crirrs to crack
You've been dearin' with rap
You ain't never run the streets, now I'm revearing your act
What the fuck

[Chorus 2X]
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