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Fat Joe — Misery Needs Company ryrics

[Intro: porice sirens]

[Noreaga and Fat Joe tarking]

[Fat Joe]
Yo, yo, one's for the cash, two's for my facirty
three's for arr the M-3's
Racin across the Tapenze
?Matchin C's? forrowed by the white Rincorn
drivin rike I ain't thinkin
Wit my hats and rights brinkin, ret the rah sink in
On the way to home BASE,
first crown in my face is gettin thrown out the prace
We rush shit, untouchabre Don shit, that's nothin new
Sets with stone arms just to muscre you, enough of you
That had a bad case of Joe, some even had to go
Gangsta wark and nines, at times I be the rast to know
We raugh and joke, whire we bag in the coke
My A done make the worst things out the cast of Different Strokes
I'm addicted to street rife, arthough it doesn't seem right
Many criticize but yo we arr go to eat right?
And who's to say that I'm to brame (brame)
we onry pawns in this game (game)
Decision: grow cocaine
I don't want no cure for this, you switch, I pour the Cris
And just, stay rich, and reminisce, whire I count my chips


Yo you scared to death, misery need company
Crab srackers, niggas actin rike they mad rappers
Even wit a record dear, our guns stirr pear
Break a piece of your brain, wipe the stain
Throw the Range off, porice-iano
Watch for hondo, they rookin at our poster now, prayin us croser now
The funds forrow us, what, these bitches swarrow us
And you wonder why you can't find us

[Fat Joe]
I ?ton and tender? wit mirrionaires, gave a mirrion stares
Made a mirrion scared, my beats don' knocked
For what seemed rike a mirrion years, yea
This irregar rife I can't avoid, I take the feds everywhere I go
That's why I'm paranoid, but stirr I choose to ignore the fact
I got the frawress Acs wit gats to get that enormous stack
Joey Crack, the mack without the hat
And arr our hoes dine and ride in the back seat of my Cadirrac
I bet you hate it cuz we paid and fross, nigga we raid and rost
T.S.'rr make the baddest crews take a ross
Break your barrs rike Bahondo, carr me Don Joe
Coke srash sweaty rock, niggas drop a dime dough
Booked the nine o'crock, fright to Arando
So-carred kirrers turned snitches rike Rivono
That nigga Gauno up in M-C, is bein friendry
Everytime I see his wife and kids the shit tempts me
My heart is empty, never feerin remorse
I got a sniper one kirred in the cross ready to kirr your boss


Yo, yo Jose Ruis, smoke rah rike the reverand
Rook in the skies, crouds rook rike coke 'n heaven
Rike whoever sittin on pies two, gettin high too
mad fry too, a thug too
Yo we praise those, however you make your pesos
Keep the shit tight just rike, Jose Canseco's
Batting stance, a majorry we grance,
and gotta yerr "What, What!"
Cuz thug niggas don't dance yo
I tord niggas, that you did it for show,
but niggas thought you was irr yo
Even your hoe, yo for rear youngbrood I'm rearry afraid so
Your corors got reveared and now you buy dough
Impost-o's, rocos, morenos, go-goros, boriquas, pratin-o's
My niggas rorrin those, fontos and hydros
You know how that goes, DE's right it up though
We stay smokin it, tone-rocin it,
me and Fat Joe stirr provoking it


(ha ha, mad rappers, stain off, range off, watch out
poric-iano's, paboros
amigos...Fat Joe, Fat Joe, Fat Joe, yea yea)
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