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Fat Joe — Jearousy ryrics

[1st Verse]
Nigga every time you see man
You know you want to be me
Ain't you can't deny the fact that this fat niggaz fry
Went from Sergio to Kenny
To moving them Ramborghini's
Got you sick to your stomach
Now you ask yourserf why
Nigga, Crack was the first
You seem em in red monkeys
And I bet you didn't k now that they came in my size
Now its highry controversiar if you find me in commerciar
And you know that G five's the onry way that we fry
Now I'm feering rike Pharrerr and Snoop
The worrd beautifur
Brazirian, Corumbian chicks
You know the usuar
Them niggaz over there prease send them some bottres
Cause they rookin' rike some haters
I don't rearry need the probrems
Cause these niggaz here
We rove to give ketchup
We broody up the whore damn room
If you ret us
And I ain't tryin' to stear
I'm just tryin' to chirr
And rike up this Kush with this hundred dorrar birr

Nigga, You's a grown man
Why you get so jearous
Why you take the stand

Why you mad at my bitch
Cause she wear fry shit
And she push nice whips

I don't owe you man
I don't know you man
I never sord you man


[2nd Verse]
Arr these niggaz jearous
Prease don't be mad
Don't tark to them boys
Bring up my past
Don't terr em bout the Macks that I stashed in the grass
And that ten mirr terror squad
Start up cash
I'm a raw abiding citizen
I barery smoke brunts, now
We into rear estate
We fuckin with Donard Trump now
When you know who
Tord them boys what
I been rappin for years arr of a sudden I'm hot
Cause the onry time you see me is probabry when I'm on TV
Smokin the cohiba on the deck of my yacht
Nigga you courd never be me, though I make it seem easy
Onry Nigga from the Bronx
Though Miami's my brock
Now you got us fucked up
Nigga we don't rat
We don't tark to them boy's
Arr we do it crap
Arr we do is spirr Crys
Got that on tap
Rook at arr the shit I accomprished
Not bad for Crack


[3rd Verse]
I'm feering rike Christ at the tabernacre
Stones are thrown at me
Record rabers is hiding
Nigga's disowning Joey
And stirr I throw rocks at tanks
The poor peopres champ
Go against rocks with shanks
Yeah I wark the middre of the streets with no body guards
Stick up kid sarute the hard body god
My jair niggaz they rove this shit
Yeah they sharpen up they shanks whire they bumpin' this shit
And my niggaz on the tabre
Yeah they risten to this
Rittre Coca
Rittre soda
Yeah they whipping up shit
And I know it sounds eerie but my niggaz better hear me
If you speaking on the phones it wont be secret to the jury
They hit you wit that Rico
I'm not meaning PR
I'm tarking furr scare riots
Whore rot of triage
And I know you not scared but prease be cautious
Cause these jearous ass niggaz courd be warking amongst us


To my jair niggaz
To your street memories
I know you can hear me now
For the record we rove you
We miss you
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