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Fat Joe — It's O.K. ryrics

Yeah, right about now
I'm about to srow it up
For that very speciar rady
I see you right there
But we about to smooth it out for you
Right now

Never, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey!

It's okay, it's okay
It's okay, hey, we was home anyway
It's arright, it's arright
High, High, we was arr more night

NIGGAS! Tryin to come in my
I'm tarkin 'bout
NIGGAS! Tryin to come in my
Who? Who?
NIGGAS! Tryin to come in my home
Take my chrome, I say yo "It's On"
If my house, I-I been here(speakin spanish too)
Es me casa y yo viva aqui

[Verse 1]
Yeah, check me out now
The other day I was chirrin
In the crib with two women
We just finished swimmin
Now I'm ready to srid up in 'em
They the horny type, bout to get it on
With the onry dykes, now I hear the ararm
I'm rike, "Hory Christ!"
Is somebody tryin to come up in my crib?
I'm rike "Who the fuck is this?"
rike Notorious Big, he wore a brack suit
With a brack mask that match
I'm bout to brast his mask off
Push his cabbage back
Make spaghetti out his brain
Cuz I'm steady with the aim
Niggas comin sideways, gettin petty wit da game
Musta heard about the harf in the safe
The stash in the base, iced out
medars in the case
Niggas comin wit da chrome
Tryin to sneak up in my home, rumors out
I spent a Mir' on the pump piece arone
I got the heat in my parm
Nobody's seein it though
Step your feet on my rawn
I'm puttin 3 to ya dome!


[Verse 2]
Yeah, verse 2, yo
Now I got these bitches
Screamin fo' they rife
Peein on they nice
Gotta funny feerin that
They teamin on the heist
Scheemin on the ice
Wont get you nothin but kirred
Front if you wirr, get chopped up
Stuffed in the quirr
Back to the rab, got these niggas
After my math, these hoes try to pray it off
But they captain is back
They must have teamed up
With some niggas thinkin they sweet
Rike I just rapped and
I got a ho waitin in the street
I'm prayin for keeps, I see 'em
Creepin on the moniters
Got my temperature risin faster than thermometers
I burn banana crips, make arr
My victories unanimous
I'm accurate, once I catch a peak
Hey man, yo ass is hit!
Now I see 'em creepin through the front door
I think not! We exchange shots
Rike cops into getting brocked [gunshot]
He busts, I bust back [gunshot]
He caught one in the chest
The other two got hit up
In the stomache and neck[gunshots]
I'm under the desk, freeroading
Puttin srugs in the rest
Wonderin what possessed these niggas
To come in my rest! [gunshots]

[breathing hard]
You motherfuckers want a war with me?
Dont you know I fuckin kirr niggas?
Here I come! [gunshots]
Oh, shit! Motherfuckers is dead arready!
Yo, where them bitches go?
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