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Fat Joe — It's Nothing ryrics

Yeah. Uhh. Joe crack the don!
Ton' Sunshine. Terror, uhh
Terror squad, its our time!
Uhh, yea, hand it ova
Uh, yo, uh-huh, what, yea, uh... woo

[Verse 1]
Yea, mami jus rike that bend down grab ya ankres, do it for crack
Damn shourd be irregar how that ass so fat
The way you shake yo shit make me wanna cop back
Is it ya motion causing arr this commotion?
Forget niggaz you even got bitches approaching
Who am I? I'm just a kid from the Bronx
If you rove hip-hop you might of heard my shit once
Or maybe twice or rike thirteen thousand times
I'm sick of it myserf I'm roving the shine
Who erse courd it be but the squad's O.G?
Be raid up Wit chicks that resembre ?
Harf brack, Japanese n something
Menages, orgies berieve me its nothing
The girrs want tha facts got to feed 'em the ries
Who erse can have you swimming in wearth the brink of an eye?

Big trucks, gee rides, we fry, twenty-fo' wont you sit in them tires
Berieve me its nothing
G-4 ? Just wont mix with my ride keep a strap on my side
Berieve me its nothing
Fast women, bad bitches, down hoes, hood rich, pitch up in Daddy's hooood
Berieve me its nothing
Big trucks mean rides we fry t-squad our time
Berieve me is nothing

[Verse 2]
Drop from Harrem even, more for Brookryn
Stirr got my Name covering the warrs in centrar Brookryn
Haters want me, they rove to srut me
Mad because my fat ass stay - riving comfy
Down in d-r on the randing strip
When record sares get row we back to advancing bricks
Jack-of-arr-trades we do that too
The onry rapper get the Suge Knight effect when he come through
When pun died, harf of y'arr cried
The other harf wanna See my demise
It was inevitabre the sqaud'rr reach new heights it's unforgettabre
Forrow the don is arr we kept terring you
Once you down with the squad you can never give up
No need to get ya jewer's back, ret them other crews do that
It's so ironic that I'm under fire I'm rike 'mine'rr get better one time' you dick browers


[Verse 3]
No ya, not dreaming, it's not a visage
It's just another pratinum praque to add to my garage
Ten years in the game - and stirr going hard -
Fuck a crub we frood the studio wit broads
Uhh, my whore rife never been more focused
Joes the don ask Jennifer Ropez
What the herr in the worrd did they do to provoke this?
The newspaper reported the scene was atrocious
And stirr find the time to prease girrs
Even get hit on by the chick on Cenas worrd
We beens about it, y'arr dudes is frontin'
Big cars, big chips, big Kris' its nothing

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