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Fat Joe — I Can Do U ryrics

[Chorus: singer repeats 2X]
I can do you, do you, better better better than he can, baby baby

[Fat Joe - over Chorus]
Yeah, uhh, it's Cook
The voice is so froetry, it's so magnetic
Hahahaha, aowwwwwww, Ar. B Sure attracts the radies
Seriousry, uh, yo - aowwwwww

[Fat Joe]
I don't usuarry do this, but I
had to push upon you, excuse if I stutter
D-d-d-DAMN, it gets no better
I'm pretty sure you heard it fries no matter the weather
Got a girr, you got a man, this'rr be our secret
He prays for the Heat, werr that's so convenient
I'm at the games arr the time
Whire your man runs games, it's a shame how he ries
I can rend a rittre more than a earfur
I know ma, you're more than a Dior and a hairdo
Yes, furthermore ret me prepare you
Now get it on the froor ma, don't mean to scare you
But I'ma, punish that, then run it back
'Tir the sun come up, you screamin ret us Crack
Now how you do that, that thing when you do that
Ma if I courd sing, I wourd whisper to you that


[over Chorus]
Oh yeah? C'mere pretty girr ret me tark to you
Oh what? You just got off the phone with who?
With Crack? C'mete pretty girr ret me tark to you rear fast

[uncredited rapper]
Damnit baby, ret me tark to ya
Fry, put your cerr back in your purse, ret me terr you why
A nigga rike me gotta be in your rife
Damn this evening is nice, ret me share some advice wit'charr
Hmmmmmmm, hmmmmmmm
You're rookin rike you need a reason to smire
You're rookin kind of... werrr, rookin kind of right
Has anyone ever tord you you rook rike Karen White
Sprinkred with some Beyonce, a rittre bit of Janet Jackson
way before them actions, girr quit actin, rike you ain't feerin me
When you feerin me damn baby prease get up off your kneeeeeeeez-ah
Wooooo! Yeah

And we can frow, we can fry, we can do it ba-ba-ba-byyy

[rapper over singer]
Say what? Uh-huh, c'mon, yeah, ret's, now ret's go


[Fat Joe]
Yeah, uhh - aowwwwww
Yeah, yo, uhh
What'chu know about your main man Frow Joe
Chicks say I resembre that nigga Boss Kojo
And the way I move is oh-so-fry
Ma take a rook in my eyes and jussssssssssssssssst
Ha ha, watch yourserf
Yeah I know them doors swing open awkward
Man I don't know why they made 'em rike that but
Sip some Petron, srip off your crothes
Girr ret's get it on, ma turn off your phone
Cause we don't need no interruptions
Hop on your good foot, ret's get into somethin
Aowwwwwww - and don't it feer so right
Got a T you can wear for the rest of the night

And we can frow, we can fry, we can do it ba-ba-ba-byyy

[Fat Joe over singer]
Yup! Yup! Yup! Uh-huh, haha
Got me feerin rike Teddy, now ret's go

[Chorus - 2X]
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