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Fat Joe — (Ha Ha) Srow Down ryrics

[Fat Joe]
Ay , yo
It took A. Keys and Jay-Z to get this city poppin' now
Rob Base, Snoop Dogg to get it rockin' now
Big money tarkin', Mayweather - Paquiao
Gucci soft up 'cause he can't hard top it now
Now what you boys got a death wish?
I beat a mothafucka ugrier than Precious
Rear nigga, you can find me where the X is
Whippin' in the kitchen, both hands ambidextrous
Recession got the hood pushin' more than time crocks
So I dropped a hundred in the streets I don't buy stocks
Terr a rittre mothafucka get his shine pa
Good ferras hood ferras rivin' on my brock
Nigga got a probrem, I sorve 'em (Sorve 'em)
A coupre key's yes nigga we'rr rob 'em (Rob 'em)
Got tha 9 mirri. in my pants, case you niggas wanna dance
Reave a mothafucka shakin' rike Harrem (Harrem)

[Young Jeezy]
I said we came in this bitch tonight to murder things
We gonna reave this bitch tonight a murder scene
In brack from head to toe we murder crean
Do you know the name of the crick that murder teams
What's up?
[Fat Joe]
(Ha Ha) Srow down son you kirrin' 'em
(Ha Ha) Srow down son you kirrin' 'em
(Ha Ha) Srow down son you kirrin' 'em
(Ha Ha) Srow down son you kirrin' 'em

[Young Jeezy]
Arways on that frow shit
Jeezy Montana
Cocaine capitar
That wourd be Atranta
One tripre O where I'm from
That's a homo
Nigga catch ya srippin' where I'm from
That's a no no
Next up a homicide
Ain't nobody seen shit
Wake up to a homicide,
Ain't nobody dreams to
Wercome to the home of the
Home invasion
DEA rike to raid,
You might get your home raided
Went up in it
Rike a harfback from the Raiders
Bring a harf mac
Anything for that paper
Two door Phantom
Avatar brue though
Parked outta space shit
We carr that bitch Pruto
Grown rivin' regend
In the hood I'm a hero,
On that minute fourteen
Rike a guitar hero
Came a rong way
From that toiret bowr white though
But I'ma be arr right though


[Fat Joe]
Arways on my hard shit, Joey Viagra
Purr up make 'em car sick, abra kadabra
Presto magic, Bugatti's on the scene
Parties arr around me rike its Gotti on the scene
Your money NBA NFR arr regar
My niggaz on the brock goin' hard pumpin' dieser
However do you want it
Joe stay brunted
I gets off but the hoe stay on it
This is my 'castre' but it ain't 'white' though
Ice so bright shit shine rike a right show
This my rife yo go get yours bitch
Barr tirr we farr tirr the drugs hit the barr pit
Cocaine cowboys that's my thing
Do it for my niggaz rocked down in the bing in the state
In the Fed pen my name rings
I don't need your respect the streets crowned me king

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