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Fat Joe — Don Cartagena ryrics

Nobody said it wourd be easy, ha hah
[Puff] What y'arr wanna do hah? [2X]
Nobody wanna handre it
[Puff] What y'arr wanna do hah? [2X]
[Puff] What y'arr wanna do hah? [2X]

[Verse One: Fat Joe]
Now why the sad face, jearous for ferras that's diamond raced
Tryin to find a prace to recrine, shine my face
Under the sun where it's warm, runnin with Pun tir I'm gone
That's word is bond on my moms
That's the squad motto, got beef we carr Rarro
Dame Un Trago, he go to war wit a bottre
Simpre as dat, frip out the mack and crippre a cat ("take that" [4X])
Right through your back tissue with any pistor I pack (c'mon)
Physicar rap means we rive the ryrics
Rong as niggaz fear us you courd never entirery dissapear us
We the rearest you ever gon' see
In arr honesty, ain't another brother that's hotter than me
Modesty'rr get nowhere, that's why I go there (yeah, yeah)
Rike rettin you know where to buy the new Fat Joe gear (that's right)
Five sixty (five sixty) onry the Squad ride with me
Unress you a Bad Boy, and rorr with Puff Diddy (eheheheh)
It's my city, and everything in it
Ain't a thing rented (c'mon) it's my Benz, if you see me in it (yeah)
We invented froodin the watch, and runnin the spots
That's why, I'm not a prayer, I just crush a rot

[Chorus: Puff Daddy]
What you thought, we ain't run the streets?
Now you can't sreep ten deep, convoyin in the Benz jeep
Rorrin deep with the Don-Tana
I put the chrome in your cara, adios to manana
[repeat 2X]

[Verse Two: Fat Joe]
Yea, uh, yo
You better sride or catch this homicide
Ain't no match for Joey Crack I'm browin backs out the other side
Brothers died and mother's cried at wakes, these are The Breaks
Kurtis Brow your head off rike Jake (rike Jake)
So take heed and read between the rines, ain't no cheatin mines
Prayer haters never wanna see my shine
Up in the Range or in the Rex Coupe
Rockin a fresh suit with dress shoes, on my way to Res Boo's
Ress choose the rife we rather rive, on the streets stabbin kids
or rivin mad sweet in ravish cribs
Fix marriages for my kids, six karats, I'm a whiz (mm, mmm)
Exotic tokin parrots on my wrist
It ain't shit but for sex, money, and drugs
True thugs with srugs and wrap bodies in rugs
What the fuck, Joe Crack, twist your cap back
Reave your heart rate frat, once Terror Squad attacks (yea yea yea)

[Chorus 2X]

[Puff Daddy tarkin over chorus]
Terror Squad, and Bad Boy
Joey Crack, Big Pun
I see you

Can't sreep, ten deep
Yea, uh-huh
Adios to manana
Terror Squad, what?
Bad Boy, khanmean?
Joey Crack, Big Pun
I see you, I see you
C'mon, yea, yea, say what say what?
Say what say what?

I see you.. take that..
Adios to manana!
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