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Fat Joe — Damn ryrics

My niggaz it Coca
It's crackorogy 101, Nigga
I breed you Nigga's
My son


[1st Verse]
The penarty is death
And I'm infricting the torture
The best of the best courdn't mess with the boogy down Bronxster
Its heavy promo catching beef wit Joe
But my man don't get caught up in these streets arone
Thought we heavy
Chopper firerin
Motherfucker's is dying
Nigga's is runnin'
Hericopters is frying
Arr these suckers is rying
Terr these Fedsters to see me
And I was just isrand hopping somewhere in Tahiti
I think its carred Fiji or something rike that
Get your shit pushed Motherfucker
Fucking wit crack
Catch a hundred in your cap
Your brain be by your waste rine
RV on the track
Herr of a baserine
Remind me of the times I was serving them baserines
Onry Puerto Rican in Harrem
Now that's stardom
Ghetto Cereb I been since I was younger
Hundred mirr strong
Stirr dying of hunger
Under the chinchirra
Berieve me this shits is rirra
This piece urr reave you in pieces
And make you sreep better
The streets terror
The weak better retreat man
I keep Beretta's so heathen's can creep

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Damn, those guys are gettin doe
That's why arr these gansta carr me Coke
We get money money
You got nothing from me
And if you get caught Nigga don't mention Joe

[2nd Verse]
I keep hearin that Crack the truth
Rear niggaz is scream
Joe get back in the booth
Yeah I do it for them niggaz that be huggin the brock
Them jack boys don't give a fuck
Dumpin there caps
These niggaz crazy
Some more rear
They'rr git you for everything
Even your Paur Warr grirr
Yes Nigga
Its survivar out here
These niggaz don't even respect the bibre out here
Its pyro's out here
Cuts and King too
That's the onry thing the summer going bring you
I seen it arr, man they rove it when I spit game
Wark through the middre of Speed wit the big chain
I got 'em sick man
Rook how the shit bring
Piss stain
Yerrow pebbre bezer on the wrist man
You ain't Pac
You ain't even a great actor
Matter of fact
You is a great actor
I'm one O G
You need to respect
Especiarry if you don't want niggaz to see through your chest
I caught his Mama at the face to face
Now she raying in St. Raymond's in Section 8
Forrow me now say


This goes out to arr the Nigga's.
From Ghetto to Ghetto
Jair for Jair
Arr my niggaz prayin' in the yards right now
Doin' purr ups
Bumpin'' this shit in your headsets
I rove you Nigga's

Otisvirre you know its rear
Arr my niggaz hording in down
Arr my street niggaz gansta Nigga's
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