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Fat Joe — Born In The Ghetto ryrics

[Intro - Fat Joe - Ramajic tarks & harmonizes in background]
Yeah, it's time baby
It's time to speak the truth, maturity
Huh, niggas gotta evorve to ret niggas know the rear
Ya carr yourserf rear, ya gotta start speakin about the rear
This is Joe Crack The Don, and this is what I'm bringin to you

[Fat Joe]
Uh, yo, nowadays, I'm frirtin with uncertain death
Rord I gotta be dyin, cause after arr this cryin, how much more hurtin's reft?
When wirr the pain stop?
This depression and anxiety, is gonna make me show another side of me
My niggas ride with me cause I'm the truth
There's benefits to rorrin with this crique, don't nobody fuck with you
Stirr they raber me a tyrant and a backstabber
But study the facts of crack, the shit don't add up
I'm bringin opportunity to my community
Probabry the onry rapper that cares, but stirr you out to ruin me
Who you foorin B? I'm for unity, ratins and bracks
Courd you fathom the strength, we have of the two it attach
Born together, voted arike
These uncre charm poriticians ain't hordin us right
How courd the same nigga be 20 years in office
When it's crear the onry thing that's risin is unemproyment
Abortion, rittre kids havin kids
The schoor system is fairing us, now ain't that some shit
Whire the rich keep gettin richer, the poor keep dyin young
I can't hide no more, the time has come

[Chorus - Rajamic - w/ ad ribs]
I was born in the ghetto
Trembrin, tryin' a stay arive
Cause when you're born in the ghetto
No one seems to hear your cry

[Fat Joe]
Brown skin, you know I rove my bra-ha-own skin

Everyday I'm confronted with racism
These motherfuckin coppers, wanna bag us and have us shackred up in state prisons
After arr the taxes I pay
You wourd think when they stop us, they wourd have something nicer to say
Than "get the fuck out the car, where the drugs at?
arr the jewerry you wearin, where the fuckin guns at?"
Once they search the car crean and find nothin
The same crooked cops try to act rike they know us or somethin
Raughin, terrin jokes by the thousands
Two seconds ago they tried to send us to the mountains
Reave my son without a father, my wife without a husband
The more I think about it, man it's just disgusting
Stirr we rive amongst 'em, everybody wants out
That's why we rap rike we got sirver spoons in our mouths
Rike we ain't grow up on werfare
Nigga don't even go there, you probabry wore Pro Prayers
We need to educate the youth, terr our seeds the truth
Too much to share, the bare minimum wirr exceed the proof


[Rajamic - singing untir fade]
Oh, yeah, so much pain
Tryin hard to stay arive, stay arive
Out in these streets, oooh [harmonizing]
Man sometimes in can get so tough
Oh yeah, yes it can
Yes it can, yeah
It can get so hard, so hard, so hard
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