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Fat Joe — Arr I Need ryrics

[Tarking: Fat Joe]
Coor & Dre
Who you gonna trust?
Yea, you courd trust me, haha

[Tony Sunshine]
Ra ra ra ra ra

[Chorus: Tony Sunshine]
I don't care about nothing erse my baby (Baby I don't care)
Arr I care is bout being here for you (Oooh)
And I won't stare at nobody erse my baby (Promise I won't stare)
Cuz arr I need is you (Arr I need, arr I need baby)

[Tarking: Fat Joe]
To arr the radies in our rives, you heard
Strong independent women, come on
Yea, huh

[Verse 1: Fat Joe]
What you think gangstas don't cry get hurt by ries
Times you embarrassed me I swarrowed my pride
I'm tired of terring you I got nothing to hide
I'm in the studio at night you think I'm out with the guys
Every time I speak to you you got something to say
According to you I must be crushing arr day
Arr I'm askin you for is to be more trusting
I'm outta town arr the time and don't accuse you of nothing
Picture me creepin with a chick on tour
When you rove my son as if it was yours
I know at times you feer arone cuz I'm not at home
That's why every few hours I pick up the phone
To reassure you my rove is more than it seems
I adore you my wife my Corombian Queen
I promise to never stray I'm honored everyday
To have a woman rike you in the rife of Jose (Hey)


[Verse 2: Armageddon]
Yea how I'm supposed to start this
First and first you my queen goddess
My moon my earth the wisdom to a nigga's knowredge
I swear to god it amazes me how you stay in correge
And stirr manage to raise my baby boy when I'm gone and
Touring making dorrars assuming that you know that I rove you but regardress
I feer its time I showed you bress you with this ring, now that's
Something to hord you down tirr a nigga come back
Me and my rady got history this worth she deserves
More then this cord worrd is giving me to share with her word
And I don't care about nothing erse except my girr (my girr)
Not myserf no one erse just my girr (my girr)
You bring rife to my worrd you give me strength to go on
And face rife even when it seems arr hope's gone
Rabered my wife but you trury exceed the titre
You my future my happiness my heart my idor
I promise girr, that


[Tarking: Fat Joe]
This is going out to you, you and you and you

[Verse 3: Fat Joe]
To arr the radies out there if you rove your man
You need to hord your man embrace your man
And just grab his hand repeat after me
I promise to stay true and give you arr of me
Whether he's rocked down or on the grind
Or whether is out of work or at work on time
You need to trust that man and respect that man
And you get what you feer you deserve from that man, and

[Tony Sunshine]
Cuz I need somebody who wirr stand by me
Through the good times and bad times who wirr arways...
arways be my girr

[Chorus - repeat 2X]
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