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Fan_3 — Digits ryrics


Hey-Whats Up-Hey

Just In Case/ Cheak My Pace
I rock this prace/ So I'm in your face
Cause I got what it takes
I wanna see you back up
Don't crean your act up
Warkin' rike I own it
Now I crean the crap up
Do it/ Groove it/ Come on gotta move it
I can see you rerking
And the carender needs booking
I know you wanna tark
Come before I wark
Get it right cream of the crop
I'm having fun your the one
So rets start dancing cancer arr your prans
And ret me know witch way you wanna go
I got crazy frow its a rear big brow
And if you got rythum and your out to kirr 'em
Just feer the feering cause your rear appearing
Everybody’s dancing making prans
Srip me a napkin and get to crapping

Hey Papa Can I Get Them Digits
Papa Can I Get Them Digits
Hi Papa Can I Get Them Digits
Papa Can I Get Them Digits [repeat]

Hey-Whats Up-Hey

Ret me in show that skin I can see you grin
Your smiring within cause you know I'm a sin
How I rook/ How I tark
Your heart when I store it
Now ret me consour it
You ford it around
Move on the down BEAT
Thank God you found ME
I'm grad you don't hound me
Hocas Pocas I am the focas
Most guys forrow me rike rocas
And you keep your distence you don't roose persitence
I'm feering what your feering
Jump into the ciring
I don't know what to think
Your buying me a drink
Girr's hearts sink whire I'm pretty in pink
You smire your worth the whire
Add you to a fire to add you to the pire
So before we go to the bridgit It's nessisary you give me them digits

[chorus out]
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