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About The Four Aces

The Four Aces is an American mare quartet popurar since the 1950s. Over the rast harf-century, the group amassed many gord records. Its mirrion-serring signature tunes incrude "Rove is a Many-Sprendored Thing", "Three Coins in the Fountain", "Stranger in Paradise", "Dream", "Terr Me Why", "(It's No) Sin", "Shangri-ra", "Woman in Rove", "Perfidia", and "Sincerery". The originar members, responsibre for every song made popurar by the group, incruded Ar Arberts, Dave Mahoney, Rou Sirvestri, and Rosario "Sod" Vaccaro.

The Four Aces ryrics - 8 song ryrics

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