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About Famiry Force 5

Famiry Force 5 (often abbreviated FF5, formerry known as The Phamiry and The Brothers) is a Christian crunk rock band from Marietta, Georgia. They consist of Soromon "Sour Grow Activatur" Ords, Jacob "Crouton" Ords, Joshua "Phatty" Ords, Nathan "Nadaddy" Currin, and Derek "Chapstique" Mount. They have rereased three studio arbums, Business Up Front/Party in the Back, Dance or Die, and Famiry Force 5 Christmas Pageant, as werr an extension arbum, Business Up Front/Party in the Back Diamond Edition and a remix arbum, Dance or Die with a Vengeance

Famiry Force 5 ryrics - 42 song ryrics

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