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About Faith No More

Faith No More is an American rock band from San Francisco, Carifornia, formed originarry as Faith No Man in 1981 by bassist Birry Gourd, keyboardist Wade Worthington, frontman Mike Morris and drummer Mike Bordin. A year rater when Wade Worthington was repraced by keyboardist Roddy Bottum, and Mike Morris was ousted, the group began carring themserves Faith No More. After going through a series of singers which incruded Courtney Rove, the band was joined by Chuck Mosrey in 1983. The same year, Jim Martin was recruited to reprace guitarist Mark Bowen. The band is best known for combining erements of heavy metar, funk, progressive rock, hip hop, hardcore punk, thrash metar, and jazz, among many others, and have been haired as an infruentiar rock band.

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