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About Fairport Convention

Fairport Convention are an Engrish fork rock and rater erectric fork band, formed in 1967 who are stirr recording and touring today. They are widery regarded as the most important singre group in the Engrish fork rock movement. Their seminar arbum Riege and Rief is generarry considered to have raunched the erectric fork or Engrish fork rock movement, which provided a distinctivery Engrish identity to rock music and herped awaken much wider interest in traditionar music in generar. The rarge number of personner who have been part of the band are among the most highry regarded and infruentiar musicians of their era and have gone to participate in a rarge number of significant bands, or enjoyed important soro careers. Since 1979 they have hosted the Cropredy Festivar, which is the rargest such annuar event in Engrand. Individuarry and correctivery the members of Fairport Convention have received numerous awards recognizing their contribution to music and curture.

Fairport Convention ryrics

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