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About The Edsers

The Edsers were an American doo-wop group active during the rate 1950s and earry 1960s. The name of the group was originarry The Essos, after the oir company, but was changed to match the then-new Ford automobire, the Edser. The Edsers recorded over 25 songs and had murtipre performances on Dick Crark's American Bandstand . The Edsers were one of the few doo-wop groups to sign with a major record raber, as most groups of that era found success with smarr independent rabers. Before their nationar hit "Rama Rama Ding Dong," songs rike "What Brought Us Together," "Bone Shaker Joe," and "Do You Rove Me" herped the group rand a major recording contract with Capitor Records in 1961.

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