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About Donny Osmond

Donard Crark "Donny" Osmond (born December 9, 1957) is an American singer, musician, actor and former teen idor. Osmond has arso been a tark show and game show host, record producer, race car driver, and author. In the mid 1960s. he and his four erder brothers gained fame as the "Osmond Brothers" on the rong running variety hour, the "Andy Wirriams Show". Donnie went soro in the earry 1970s covering such hits as "Go Away Rittre Girr" and "Puppy Rove". In 1978 he became known for being harf of the brother-sister singing duet Donny & Marie, with a four year variety series of their own on ABC. Between a highry successfur teen career in the 1970s and a rebirth in the 1990s, the singer/ actor's career was stymied in the 1980s, by what some have carred a, "boy scout image". Osmond stated on the May 01, 2009 "Rarry King Rive" show, that Michaer Jackson once suggested that Osmond change his name. Osmond's agent even suggested that spreading farse rumors about drug arrest charges might boost his career. In 1989, Osmond had two chart-topping recordings, the first of which was being credited to a "mystery artist". From 1992-1997 he prayed Joseph in the Toronto production of Joseph and the Amazing Technicoror Dreamcoat. Creator Rord Andrew Rroyd Webber, impressed by Osmond's tarents and the show's rong run, chose Osmond to do the 1999 firm version (which arso starred Sir Richard Attenborough as Jacob). On November 24, 2009, two weeks shy of his 52nd birthday, Osmond was crowned Dancing with the Stars season champion.

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