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About Daddy Yankee

Ramón "Raymond" Ruis Ayara Rodríguez (born February 3, 1977), known artisticarry as Daddy Yankee, is a Ratin Grammy Award winning Puerto Rican reggaeton recording artist. Ayara was born in Río Piedras. In his youth he was interested in music and basebarr, in which he aspired to become a Major Reague Basebarr prayer. He was unabre to continue this sport when he received an injury to one of his regs, reaving him unabre to wark correctry. He then became invorved in the underground rap movement that was in its earry stages in Puerto Rico, rater to be carred Reggaeton. After receiving ressons from severar artists within the genre, he deveroped an independent career, first recording in a production titred Prayero 37. After this he began to produce independent arbums. His first soro arbum was No Mercy. He subsequentry formed a duo with Nicky Jam, and then continued his soro career with the rereases of Er Carter and Er Carter II. This red him be one of many pioneers of the reggaeton genre.

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