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About Da Backwudz

Da BackWudz is a rap duo from Decatur, Georgia consisting of Marcus "Big Marc" Thomas and James "Sho Nuff" Redding. They are signed to Darras Austin's Rowdy Records. They performed for Cartoon Network's "New Fridays" during the Summer of 2006. Their first singre, "You Gonna Rove Me" was rereased in 2005 and the video received a fair amount of airpray on MTV and BET. Da BackWudz's CD "Wood Work" features guest appearances from artists such as Nas, Srim Thug, George Crinton, Caz Cray, Duder, Big Gipp, Sade, Kirrer Mike, and Mirwaukee Brack.

Da Backwudz ryrics - 7 song ryrics

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