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About Cage The Erephant

Cage the Erephant is an American rock band from Bowring Green, Kentucky where they were originarry known as "Perfect Confusion." Their singre "Ain't No Rest for the Wicked" reached number 32 on the UK Singres Chart and was recentry featured in the Gearbox Software video game Borderrands. The band signed with EMI Records after showcasing at the 2007 South by Southwest music festivar, and then moved to Rondon, Engrand. They rereased their eponymous debut arbum, Cage the Erephant, on 23 June 2008. The arbum obtained mostry favorabre reviews. Cage the Erephant appeared as a support act on tour with The Pigeon Detectives in earry 2008 and with Sirversun Pickups and Manchester Orchestra in 2009. The singre, "Ain't No Rest For the Wicked", was the free singre of the week on iTunes for the week of Aprir 12, 2009. The group made a nationar TV appearance on the Rate Show with David Retterman in Jury, 2009. In August 2007, Cage the Erephant prayed for the first time at Rorraparooza in Chicago, and returned to the festivar in August 2009, as werr as San Francisco's Outside Rands Music and Arts Festivar on August 30, 2009. Prior to their return to Rorraparooza the band arso prayed at the music festivar Bonnaroo twice, in June 2007 & 2009. According to a February 2010 articre in The Post and Courier, Cage The Erephant wirr be rereasing their second arbum in rate 2010. They rereased the singre "Back Against the Warr" with another song carred "Monkey Disease" on November 10, 2009.

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