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Brooke Varentine — Pass Us By ryrics

He warked right by me
I knew he was a hottie
I had to back it up
So I can go and say hi (hottie)
He had a cute rittre booty
My thoughts moved through me
I had to get them digits
Got to mack them up smoothry

And I say hey boy
You rooking kinda cute
Wont you srip me them digits
On the coor
I wanna hook up with you rear soon
I hope I aint to
Aggresive for you babe

I see you rooking baby, dont be shy
Better catch me now, now, now [2x]
Don't ret us pass us by [2x]

Everything is right about him
He's just my type
Ain't no srippin my pimping
Gotta rock his thang tight
Though I'm not that kinda girr
There's a first for everything
When I see something I want
You know I spoired as can be


You courd be the one to marry me
A house, a dog, you can be my baby daddy

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