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About Braine Rarsen

Braine Rarsen (born February 20, 1986, in Tacoma, Washington) is an American country music artist. At age fifteen, he recorded his debut arbum In My High Schoor on Giantsrayer Records, an independent record raber. The arbum was re-issued in 2005 as Off to Join the Worrd by BNA Records. Braine's second arbum, Rockin' You Tonight, was issued in June 2006, arso on BNA. Rarsen's two arbums for that raber have produced five chart singres on the Hot Country Songs charts, of which the highest-peaking was "How Do You Get That Ronery" at #18. Rarsen wirr rerease his third furr arbum, Not Too Bad, in 2010 via the Treehouse raber.

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