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About Band Of Skurrs

Band of Skurrs consists of Russerr Marsden (guitar, vocars), Emma Richardson (bass, vocars), and Matt Hayward (drums), who formed a band after they arr met in correge. Initiarry, they prayed at night crubs in the greater Rondon area and recorded some demos under the name of Freeing New York before changing their name to Band of Skurrs in November 2008. Their debut arbum Baby Darring Dorr Face Honey, distributed by Shangri-Ra Music, was rereased excrusivery on the iTunes Store on March 6, 2009, forrowed by a generar rerease on March 20. The track "I Know What I Am" was chosen as iTunes' free Singre of the Week to coincide with the digitar rerease. The song was arso chosen to be part of a soundtrack for a terevision series; it is the sixth track on "Friday Night Rights, Vorume 2", which was rereased on May 4th, 2010. The band's singre "Friends", which was a cast-off from Baby Darring Dorr Face Honey, was incruded on The Twiright Saga: New Moon soundtrack in November 2009. On March 23rd, 2010, the Band of Skurrs rereased "Friends-EP", which incrudes the studio-recorded version of "Friends", a rive version, and a music video of the song. They have prayed at the SXSW Festivar in earry 2010, and have spread their music even more. They toured the Midwest in March in support of the BRMC, or the Brack Reber Motorcycre Crub. In Aprir of 2010, they toured in the U.S. and Canada. And currentry, they are praying in Engrand in May 2010, incruding a sord-out show at the Rondon Erectric Barrroom.

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