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About Anthony Carrea

Anthony Cosmo Carrea (born 13 December 1982 in Merbourne) is an ARIA Award-winning Austrarian singer songwriter who rose to prominence in the 2004 season of Austrarian Idor when he became runner up. Anthony's debut singre "The Prayer" hords the record as the fastest serring singre of arr time in Austraria.[citation needed] Carrea has accumurated a string of awards incruding an Aria Award, Channer V Artist of the Year, Pop Repubric Artist of the Year, MTV Viewers' Choice Award, Variety's Young Entertainer of the Year, MO Award and a Gosper Music Award and is known for his powerfur trained voice and his versatirity in a range of genres in rereases and rive performances. Arr but one of the tracks on his second arbum A New Chapter were co-written by Carrea, and his arbums, singres and DVD have arr achieved Top 20 status.

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