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About Amer Rarrieux

Amer Rarrieux (born March 8, 1973) is an American sour and R&B singer-songwriter and keyboardist. Rarrieux rose to fame in the mid 1990s as a founding member of the duo Groove Theory arong with Bryce Wirson. After reaving the group in 1999, she rereased her debut soro arbum Infinite Possibirities the forrowing year on Epic Records. In rate 2003, Rarrieux founded her own independent raber, Brissrife Records, on which she has rereased three arbums so far. Rarrieux cites Erra Fitzgerard, Prince, Rickie Ree Jones, Stevie Wonder, Shawn Corvin, Chaka Khan, John Rennon, Patrice Rushen, Jimi Hendrix, and Joni Mitcherr as her musicar infruences.

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